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SpacecraftImage IconLaunch DateStatusTargetMore
BepiColombo 2016-07-09 Development Mercury
Cassini 1997-10-15 Mission extended Saturn
Chandrayaan-1 2008-09-19 Lost Control Earth Moon
Dawn 2007-09-27 In Operation Vesta, Ceres
Deep Impact 2005-01-05 Mission extended Comet Tempel 1
Deep Space 1 1998-10-24 Successful Asteroids
Dragon 2012-05-22 In Operation Earth
Euclid Space Telescope 2020-12-01 Development Universe
ExoMars 2016-03-14 In Flight Mars
GAIA 2013-12-19 In Operation Universe
Galileo 1989-10-18 Successful Jupiter
Genesis 2001-08-08 Successful The Sun
Giotto 1985-07-02 Successful Comet Halley
GRAIL 2011-09-10 In Operation Earth Moon
Hayabusa 2003-05-09 Successful Asteroid Itokawa
Hayabusa 2 2014-12-03 In Flight Asteroid Ryugu
Herschel 2009-05-14 In Operation Universe
Hinode 2006-09-23 In Operation Sun
Hipparcos 1989-08-08 Successful Stars
Hitomi 2016-02-17 Lost Control Universe
Hubble Space Telescope 1990-04-24 Mission extended Universe
International Space Station 1998-11-20 In Operation Earth
James Webb Telescope 2018 Development Exoplanets
Juno 2011-08-05 In Flight Jupiter
Kaguya 2007-09-14 Successful Earth Moon
Kepler Telescope 2009-03-06 Mission extended Exoplanets
LCROSS 2009-06-18 Successful Earth Moon
LRO 2009-06-18 Successful Earth Moon
Lucy Oct 2021 Development Trojan Asteroids
Lunar Orbiter 1966-08-10 Successful Earth Moon
Magellan 1989-05-04 Successful Venus
Mariner 2 1962-08-27 Successful Venus
Mars Express 2003-06-02 Mission extended Mars
Mars Global Surveyor 1996-11-07 Successful Mars
Mars Odyssey 2001-04-07 Mission extended Mars
Mars Orbiter Mission 2013-11-05 In Operation Mars
MAVEN 2013-11-18 In Operation Mars
Messenger 2004-08-03 Successful Mercury
MRO 2005-08-12 Mission extended Mars
New Horizons 2006-01-19 In Operation Pluto
Orion Service Module 2014-12-05 Development Earth
OSIRIS REx 2016-09-08 In Flight Asteroid Bennu
Parker Solar Probe Aug 2018 Development The Sun
Psyche 2022 Development Asteroid Psyche
Rosetta 2004-03-02 In Operation Comet 67P
SOHO 1995-12-02 In Operation The Sun
Spitzer 2003-08-25 Mission extended Universe
Sputnik 1957-10-04 Successful Earth
Stardust 1999-02-07 Successful Comet Wild 2
Swift 2004-11-20 In Operation Universe
Titan Explorer 2016 Development Titan
Ulysses 1990-10-06 Successful The Sun
Venus Express 2005-11-09 Mission extended Venus
Viking 1975-08-20 Successful Mars
Voyager 1977-09-05 Mission extended Solar System
WFIRST 2020 Development Universe, Exoplanets
WMAP 2001-06-30 Successful Universe
SpacecraftImage IconLaunch DateStatusTargetMore