Help Page

Username & Password

You cannot register yourself. Your first registration will be entered by the administrator. Once registered you can edit your profile yourself. To do so click on your name at the top right of the page. Please be sure to fill all fields. In case of an error page, click on your name again to resume. To activate the changes log out and then log in again. Move the mouse over the user icon to verify your geo coordinates.

Geographical Coordinates

This site needs your rough geographical coordinates as required by the planisphere and astronomical calendar, as well as by the weather widget. If you do not know your coordinates please use menu [Tools/Search Locations] to find your nearest city. The coordinates and time zone (allowing for DST) in the user database can be edited by yourself any time. Other users have no access to your profile.

Astronomical Database

Allows you to browse and query several categories, such as HIP Stars, Messier Objects, Exoplanets, etc. Click on icons at the right of each data row for further details:

3D Visualizations

At this time, merely a collection of solar system planets, planetary moons, and exoplanets (fictive) wrapped around a sphere (your screen is 2D though) with ability to zoom, rotate, tilt and animate a globe. It could otherwise be useful for creating illustrations for your own web site or documentation. It is not (yet?) a solar system simulator.


Shows the current visible sky for the location you have registered. Use the glider at the top to change the size of the chart (left: minimum width 800 pixels, right: maximum width 1830 pixels) and use the [Parameters] submenu to configure the chart to need.

Astronomical Calendar

A monthly calendar with essential astronomical data for every day, such as sunrise/sunset and moon phase. Click on [More...] and the moon icon for further information.