Requio Android Applications

The complete suite of Requio's Android applications available on Google Play. Some of them are free for registered users of this website.


All Applications

ApolloWidget 2 x 2Apollo Missions from 11 to 17 in Pictures and DataGoogle Play
Asteria CoeliTabletsThe Flagship Application with a huge Database and VisualizationsGoogle Play
Bright StarsWidget 2 x 2Database of the 50 Brightest Stars with PropertiesGoogle Play
Comet MonitorTabletsDatabase of observable Comets with Ephemerides and visualizationsGoogle Play
Comet WatcherPhones & TabletsEphemerides of selected Comets for older PhonesGoogle Playto be discontinued
CuriosityWidget 4 x 2Clock for MSL Curiosity with Rise and Set TimesGoogle Play
Exoplanet GuidePhones & TabletsExoplanet Database and VisualizationsGoogle Play
ExoplanetsWidget oversizedExoplanet Counter based on Exoplanet EncyclopediaGoogle Play
Galilean for PhonesPhonesPosition and data of the Galilean SatellitesGoogle Play
Galilean for TabletsTabletsPosition and Data of the Galilean SatellitesGoogle Play
JovianWidget 4 x 1Position of the Galilean SatellitesGoogle Play
KeplerWidget oversizedExoplanet Counter based on the Kepler MissionGoogle Play
Lunar OdometerWidget 2 x 2Monitors the Moon's MotionGoogle Play
Mars ApproachPhones & TabletsMars Opposition MonitorGoogle Play
Martian TimePhones & TabletsClock for Mars and VisualizationsGoogle Play
MessierWidget 2 x 2Database of Messier Object with PicturesGoogle Play
Moon WatcherPhones & TabletsSimulation of the Phases of the MoonGoogle Play
NocturnalPhones & TabletsAstronomy Bedside Clock and Weather StationGoogle Play
Photo ClockPhones & TabletsGolden and Blue Hours, Compass plus alphaGoogle Play
Physical MarsPhones & TabletsMars Ephemerides and Physical MapsGoogle Play
PlanispherePhones & TabletsVisible Sky, Rise & Set times, ephemeridesGoogle Playto be discontinued
Saturn MoonsWidget 4 x 2Position of the Saturnian MoonsGoogle Play
SaturnianPhonesPosition of the Saturnian Moon and EphemeridesGoogle Play
Scope CompanionPhones & TabletsSimulation for Telescopes, Binolulars, CCDs and moreGoogle Play
Scope Timer PlusPhones & TabletsLocal Time UTC Sidereal Time and MTC ClockGoogle Play
Sky AtlasPhonesAtlas of the sky with Loads of InformationGoogle Play
Sky Atlas for TabletsTabletsAtlas of the Sky with Loads of InformationGoogle Playto be replaced by AsteriaCoeli
Sky LoungePhones & TabletsDownload Interface for Sky Survey ImagesGoogle Play
Solar SystemWidget 2 x 2Database of the Planets Dwarf Planets and Major AsteroidsGoogle Play
SolunaeroTabletsThe Sun the Moon and Mars in Detail plus a PlanisphereGoogle Play
SolunarPhonesThe Sun and the Moon in detail, plus Planet EphemeridesGoogle Play
SpacecraftWidget 4 x 2A Database of Spacecraft with Pictures and GraphicsGoogle Play
Sphere BuilderPhones & TabletsGenerates Planetary Globes and Exoplanet ImagesGoogle Play
VoyagerWidget 4 x 2Distance Counter for the Voyager ProbesGoogle Play
Waiting for PlutoTabletsOverview and Countdown for the Spacecraft HorizonsGoogle Playto fade out as Pluto is explored
World FlagsWidget 2 x 2Collection of Country Flags and related InformationGoogle Play