SaharaSky, Stargazing Hotel in Morocco, North Africa.

A very Special Place in the World

Come to us, to the edge of life, from the snowy mountains of the High Atlas, over the stony plains of the Anti Atlas to the green Oases and the beautiful Casbahs in the Draa Valley. This was the legendary Caravan Route from Marrakech to Timbuktu. See the river Draa disappearing in the desert - the great sand desert begins, Ride a camel, sleep a night in the desert with the nomads in their tent and watch the incredible Saharan sky with thousands of stars, nebulae and galaxies without optical aid from our Star Terrace.

Dear Visitor

My dream was to build a hotel like a Kasbah in the traditional way of this beautiful region in south Morocco. It took 4 years and some stamina to build and finish. In 1998, we opened our Kasbah Hotel as an accomplished synthesis of the Saharan landscape, its specific colors and arid sanddunes with the unexpected comfort of its interior.

Then, inspired by the truly dark Saharan sky, we installed SaharaSky, the first private observatory in North Africa, equipped with state-of-the-art GPS amateur telescopes.

It was not always easy... I am proud, that my observatory with hotel belongs to leading special places in Morocco -- so very close to the Sahara Desert.


Fritz Gerd Koring, Patron


Who We Are

We are the first and currently only private astronomical observatory with hotel and restaurant in North Africa installed atop our Kasbah style hotel building on an area of 400m² providing a panoramic 360° view. It is home to a rich inventory of telescopes and a complete set of accessories, including Schmidt-Cassegrain and Ritchey Chretien telescopes with up to 16 inches (400mm) aperture and the finest eyepieces.

From our southerly vantage of +30° latitude you will be able to see constellations of the southern hemisphere which are out of range in central or northern Europe. We are blessed with a year average of 300 days of clear, cloudless skies in total absence of light pollution.


What is more...

As we are located so far away from city lights, our observatory is equipped with a self-contained 3-star hotel with a capacity of 20 rooms comprising 40 beds. We also offer a restaurant with bar, a Spa-Jacuzzi with sauna, and desert excursions for daylight activities.

My personnel are local Berbers. Our restaurant serves authentic Berber cuisine, while our hotel bar offers the best of Moroccan wines, beers and international brands of liquor. We also provide space for a billard table and darts.

In our hotel the sky is not limited to night time. In our inventory, we have a special telescope and a special pair of binoculars for safe Sun observation.



Remote Telescope Hosting

As of August 2016, SaharaSky offers hosting of your telescope online connected with your PC at home.


IMPORTANT: SaharaSky will be closed during Ramadan (May 27 to June 25, 2017).
ADVICE: From our experience, the local temperatures are most pleasant from September to June.



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JD 2458081  DoY 327  WoY 47

Ecl 240.6°
in Libra

Age 3.81 d
Phase 46.5°
Ecl 287.1°
in Sagittarius


Observatory Hotel SaharaSky



WiFi • Roofed Parking • Barrier-free Rooms • Roof Terrace • Sky Lounge • Restaurant & Bar • Spa & Sauna • SatTV • Desert Excursions


Astronomer team on SaharaSky:
Joggy, Fritz and Patrick (left to right)

Senior astronomer:
Patrick (Patte) Innocent from Belgium


Access Map

We are situated in Southern Morocco at the end of the Draa Valley near the small town of Tamegroute (Zagora), a valley of endless palm oases and fortified villages at the foot of the Sahara desert.

Since our hotel is far away from city lights, it offers excellent seeing conditions and transparent skies which we are enjoying most days of the year. The sky above can be explored using our large telescopes or simply by stargazing on our Star Terrace.

Morocco can easily be reached by car and ferry and of course by air. All major places are connected by a well developed road system, for which reason Morocco is popular among campers and bikers.



Stargazing Hotel SaharaSky

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