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Desert Excursions

Discover the Sahara in 3 or 4 Days

Route3 Days4 Days
Marrakech - SaharaSky - Marrakech9.500 Dirhams10.900 Dirhams
Agadir - SaharaSky- Agadir9.000 Dirhams10.900 Dirhams


Further Sahara Excursions

One-Night Camel Trip

About 10 km into the Sahara and Bivouac. Price: 600 Dirhams per person/night incl. Cameleer & Cook. Half board, drinks extra.

The Dunes of Tinfou

Ride on camelback (dromedary). Pickup and return at the doorstep of the hotel. Price: 150 Dirhams per hour & person & dromedary, incl. cameleer.

The Dunes of Chagaga

Starting the day-trip in a 4x4 from hotel SaharaSky at 9am and return to the hotel at approx. 6pm. These are the highest sand dunes in Morocco some 90 km away one-way road and track. Price: 2300 Dirhams per air-conditioned landcruiser per day for 1-5 persons, incl. driver.

The Dunes of Chagaga

Starting the day-trip in a 4x4 at hotel at 11am and return to hotel next day at noon. 4x4 with driver & overnight Bivouac/Camp, in fullboard (picnic-lunch, dinner & breakfast), drinks extra. Price for 2 persons: 2900 Dirhams. Each additional person 600 Dirhams.

To the Petroglyphs of Ait Ouazzik

A day-trip in a 4x4 to the Petroglyphs at Ait Ouazzik (Tazzarine Region), crossing a spectacular landscape you reach the 5000-8000 years old petroglyphs with designs of elefants, lions and antilopes, as well as astronomical designs.






Departure: 10am at SaharaSky and returning at 5-6pm.
Price: 2300 Dirhams for 1-5 persons in air-conditioned landcruiser with driver.




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