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Observatory Equipment

(for rental as of January 2016)


Model Optics Features
Meade LX200R Aperture: 16"/406mm
Focal length: 4064mm
Focal ratio: f/10
on German Mount GM2000 (Baader Planetarium) with Lumicon Giant Off-axis and big reducer lense (for observation and photography).
Meade LX850 ACF Aperture: 14"/356mm
Focal length: 2845mm
Focal ratio: f/8
with 130mm APO f/7 with Starlock, GPS - AutoStar II handbox with 144.000 object library, fully integrated Starlock, auto-guider and assisted alignment.
Meade RCX400 GPS Aperture: 14"/356mm
Focal length: 3560mm
Focal ratio: f/10
ideal for observation
Takahashi FSQ-106ED Aperture: 106mm
Focal length: 530mm
Focal ratio: f/5
astrograph, image circle 88mm, photographic field 9.5°
Meade Dobson Lightbridge Aperture: 16"/406mm
Focal ratio: f/4.5
Focal length:1829mm
with angle viewfinder 12 x 60, astrozap truss and Baader laser collimator Mark II.
William Megrez 80II APO Aperture: 80mm with 2" sleeve 0.8x flattener
William Optics FLT 132 Triplet-APO Aperture: 132mm with focal reducer F/6.3 and 2" sleeve flattener
Solar Max II 60 Hα Aperture: 60mm
Focal length: 400mm
Focal ratio: f6.6
for solar observation/photography


Model Type Features Image
10micron GM2000HPS Equatorial Sub arc-second tracking accuracy 10micron EQ Mount


Model Optics Features Image
Coronado Bino Mite 10 x 25 white light for solar observation.
Fujinon FMT-SX 10 x 50 with Baader Maxbright Bino Adapter 1.5" 20-15-9mm = excellent piece


We also stock numerous cameras, CCD astro imagers, eyepieces/barlows/reducers, filters, mechanical parts plus planetarium software packages.

Our star terrace provides 220VAC mains and 100VAC converters, EU normed sockets.




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