Valor Solutions Group LLC is a full service professional Management, General Contracting & Construction, and Professional Consulting & Training firm that specializes in all aspects of federal, state, environmental, residential, commercial and industrial contracting.

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VALOR Solutions Group is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business offering professional project leadership and consulting & training services to commercial business and government entities. With over 40 years of combined experience, VALOR is well qualified for: public works, commercial and government contracting, construction/demolition services, environmental management & remediation services, sustainability advisement, transportation, waste disposal and performance & leadership training.

VALOR Solutions Group is proud of its core values and competencies. The color Red in our shield signifies our dedication and commitment to our work and those we work with. It is a key indicator of who we are and what we represent. As a "Veterans First" company, we will always strive to partner and team with our local community contractors, administrators, and personnel who have served our country and can benefit from partnering with a "Veterans First" organization.

Consistent with that dedication, Valor is also proud to link its services and perform projects with other small disadvantaged businesses and/or preferred vendors such as Minority Owned (8a) and Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB). We consider this approach as an intrinsic value to our core and mission, and an integral part our success. Our position on teaming with small disadvantaged businesses for our local endeavors, service opportunities, and contracts is just one way that we can help others to be successful, while at the same time positively impacting our local economy and reducing our carbon footprint too.

VALOR is built upon a reliable team of highly qualified and motivated individuals with proven records of success. VALOR combines subject matter expertise and true work experience with a service mentality to deliver solutions for our clients and strategic partners. VALOR solutions are delivered through our Project Management Division (PMD) or our Consulting Training Division (CTD).

VALOR PMD staff begins with a full understanding of the challenges that face our clients. From scope of work to walkout to bidding to project planning through execution, VALOR applies proven best practices for project management. Where necessary, VALOR teams with trusted partners in order to provide on-time and on-budget success for our client's total satisfaction.

VALOR CTD staff takes pride in their core competencies and ability to focus a client's organizational components to remove inefficiencies, motivate personnel, and improve procedures. VALOR understands, and coaches the strategy and tactics that translate to improved service, productive personnel, effective processes and organizational accountability. Our primary focus is providing measurable value through increased and sustainable performance within our client's organization.


Professionally forged by decades of service to our country, Mr. Ploger now applies dynamic skill-sets and exceptional leadership in the government, industrial and commercial sectors of business alike. Having served almost 21 years in the United States Marine Corps followed by years of experience in the environmental clean-up industry, Mr. Ploger recognized the opportunity to create a values based organization that benefits military service veterans, while producing tangible results and adding value to his client's bottom line.

Damon Ploger, Founder & CEO

Mr. Ploger founded VALOR Solutions Group as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). VALOR was created to facilitate work in both government and commercial contracting. A for-profit company that focuses on professional project performance while in keeping with the client's premise and expectations. VALOR's clients benefit from Mr. Ploger's tenure as a leader, process manager, and technical consultant. They gain effective results from his cost management and manpower efficiency techniques.

With his discipline and ability to coordinate people and projects and keenly developed honor to serve others with honesty and passion, his company, VALOR, achieves a leadership position in Program Management contracts, Project & Construction Management jobs, Facilities Support requests, Commercial Construction projects, Disaster Recovery, Environmental Clean Up, and Leadership Training & Consulting.

Mr. Ploger is a driven and results focused leader with a strong track record of improving organizationally challenged teams in intense environments. With an extensive real world background and experience in leadership, management of personnel, equipment, operational tasks and high performance organizations, Mr. Ploger is well versed and adapted to facilitating, coordinating, and providing applicable strategic improvements to any business process.

Firmly committed to a lifetime of learning, Mr. Ploger is a Licensed General & Environmental Contractor and also holds an M.S. Degree from Lipscomb University, an MBA from Webster University, and two Bachelor of Science Degrees from Southern Illinois University and Excelsior College.

Highlights of Mr. Ploger's successful 20-year military career in the United States Marine Corps include numerous personal and professional awards, certificates, and commendations from successful duties/tours in recruiting, as an instructor, in Air Traffic Control Maintenance & Operations, and deploying for Operation Iraqi Freedom.



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'As a preferred vendor to my team, I trust VALOR and its staff with the most challenging project management duties. Professional, educated, experienced, and diligent; VALOR offers the on-site know how and expertise to accomplish my company’s goals in real time. VALOR brings a confidence and competence to our organization that we find invaluable.'

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